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DeliCarnitas Grill

International and Colombian food restaurant, we also have special fruit salads, fruit cocktails, delicatessen, bar & more

Deli Carnitas Grill



Gerardo and Carmenza arrived to this country in 2008, full of illusions and great desires to set up restaurants, businesses in which for 10 years, they had to suffer in their native country. Then they realized that it was difficult to mount it immediately, as well as getting a job. Gerardo as a chef, first in a Colombian restaurant, then in the Bodegón at Forest Hill, in La Espiga, in Chipotle, in La Reina, and finally in another typical Colombian, where he worked for four years, until November 2016. Carmencita, meanwhile, worked in a Colombian restaurant for six years until they opened their own business.

In Colombia, they had a very large house that they first leased and later sold. The product of the sale moved to the United States and they invested in the assembly of what we can show today as Deli Carnitas Grill. In this business, Chef Gerardo applied all the knowledge acquired in Colombia, where he studied the career to be a chef for six semesters at SENA, which he later completed at the Andina Foundation where he completed a diploma in Haute Cuisine and another in International Cuisine. On the other hand, the three restaurants they had in Colombia for about ten years left them with a great experience.

On September 15, 2016 opened Deli Carnitas Grill as a kind of fusion: Colombian and international food, combined with delights such as cholados, ice cream, fruits, vegetables and then added the bar and continue to expand and grow every day.





2107 10th Ave N, Lake Worth, FL 33461, EE. UU

+1 561-469-9870

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